Best decision ever! We had a intimate micro-wedding which we planned from a far as we are not based in Penang. From the start, Dolly was professional, friendly, super easy to work with, and WhatsApp Image 2021-01-08 at 12.31.54communication was seamless which instantly put me at ease. She was understanding and flexible to suit our travel plans at the last minute, even on New Year’s Eve! Safe to say she will go above and beyond (i.e. mending my veil.. life saver!) and she truly played a part in making our wedding beautiful. Thank you again, Dolly Chiang! Priya, Kuala Lumpur

“Thank you Dolly for making sure I look the best for my wedding! You can definitely count on Dolly to doll you up for your wedding day. I was super busy and didn’t have time to look at myself in the mirror but she works so well with brides and made sure that I look in the mirror and that I was happy with the look. LOVE her make up because it feels and looks natural and that she’s an amazing person that you can count on!” Shen Yee C, Penang

“Dolly’s a gem! A rare find! Professional, meticulous, skillful, assuring and utmost. Any one in Dolly’s hands is definitely in good hands.” Charmaine F, Singapore

“Thanks Dolly, the makeup was above my expectation! I have a face full of pimples and it was all covered well yet it looked natural and the makeup lasted all night long. She did a wonderful job on my mum and my sister as well. She is caring and sincere although my mum requested for many additional touch ups. I was also very happy with the hairstyle that Dolly did for me, I like it so much! I would definitely recommend Dolly!” Shinee T, Penang

“Thank you Dolly Chiang MUA for always listening to the customer’s needs, suggesting based on what suits me best. Thanks again for making me look amazing on that day. I love the hairdo & make up 😍” Yvette W, Penang

“Dolly really made my day. She was able to understand what i wanted on my wedding day and everyone was blown away by my wedding hair do! Thank you so much Dolly! 💖” Eryn, Penang

“It was a pleasure having Dolly on board to do the make up for my wedding. She is very professional and friendly. Heartfelt thank you for your amazing work, you really help make me stay calm on my wedding day and I also really appreciate you staying until the last minute! I was so pleased with my make-up on the day and it looked beautiful yet natural in photos. I enjoyed the whole make up session and love the result! I’m really glad to have you as my MUA on my most important day of my life. I hope your gifted talent and skills can continue to make other bride-to-be happiness in the future.” Jessie L, Penang

“I got in touch with Dolly some time around mid 2017 to engage her for my wedding @ Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang on the 7th of April 2018. My first impression of her was that she is a very patience & detailed person. Asking me all the important details of what are the styles I like, understanding my skin condition and provide advises on my hair and skin beauty regime coming up to the actual day. Around November of 2017, we did a trial session for her to get familiarise working with my hair and makeup. Over the span of 3 hours, I could see that she really put in effort in all the details and has a very high standard herself. She never hesitate to redo the hair updo if she thinks that particular hairstyle is not suitable to me or not to my liking. Fast forward to the actual day, I really appreciate her being on time and managed to complete my makeup 5-10 minutes before the schedule. For once, the ceremony is not delayed because of the bride still getting her makeup done. I must say, I am very very impressed. The hairstyles and makeup done on the actual day was flawless even though I had very dehydrated skin. When I get my makeup done by other makeup artists, I always have the issue of ‘caking or floating’ of powder on my face. But, that is not the case with Dolly. She did not change my look with exaggerated make up but just bring out the best of me with perfect techniques. Besides that, she also has very good taste in suggesting the best hair piece or accessories to pair up with my look. Overall, I had a very good experience with Dolly and would never hesitate to go for her again if I have an event up in Penang. Thank you Dolly for making me shine on my special day=) Your incredible work was praised over and over again by my guests and people who browsed my wedding photos after the event. You are indeed a star!” Suzie L, Kuala Lumpur

“Thank you Dolly for your professionalism, generosity and friendliness in helping me creating the perfect look for my Nyonya wedding in Penang! You were always so helpful and flexible, especially as we were organising our big day from a distance since we are not based in Penang. I got so many compliments on my hair and make up (even from my dad!) and I’m so happy to that I still looked myself and was able to relax and feel beautiful – even until 2.30am!” Helen B, United Kingdom

“Dolly’s Personal Makeup Tuition gives you a great basic start and better perspective into the make-up world, especially for a beginner like myself. To start off with, I have low confidence and are usually overwhelmed when it comes to buying beauty products and applying makeup on myself. I tend to opt for quick and simple basic makeup and Dolly has thought me how to better utilitize the makeup tools and products I personally own to suit my preferred needs and lifestyle. I actually get to learn to better apply the makeup on myself with the tools I own! As this was a small private workshop, it is also alot of fun sharing and have all the freedom of asking and discussing the dos and don’ts of makeup among my friends and Dolly. I have now gotten more confident by the day when it comes to applying makeup with the knowledge I have gotten from the class! I highly suggest this class for all ladies who are looking to learn the basics or more about makeup or just to mingle with your besties! Thanks so much. Dolly, you are a joy to work with!” Joey C, Penang

photo   “Words cannot express my gratitude for you, Dolly! I had my best make up artist to do my wedding makeup for all my outdoor photo shoot! Thank you so much for providing me your professional service and even helped me out with wedding stresses. Not only did you make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, but you also kept me calm and collected for me until now. I’m beyond honored and blessed to have met you and have work with you in my life. Thank you so much! Hugs and kisses!” Cryin K, Penang


“Dolly, I love the makeup detail. It’s very fresh, stylish and nice. I’m very satisfied with your makeup service. It is professionally done with up-to-date skills! I highly recommend my friends and family Dolly as a makeup artist of choice.” Jessie, Penang

photo“I was heading for an important dinner event with my close friends and due to recovering from flu, I look extremely pale and sickly. I told Dolly what I wanted and she managed  to make my eyes pop out with a soft touch of smoky eyes and hint of radiance to my cheeks. Therefore I was glowing when in fact, I was sick! Not only was I satisfied but I was overjoyed. Dolly is very attentive and skillful. While she was doing the makeup for me, she kept in mind that I have sensitie, teary eyes. So, she made sure to apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara to keep my eyes smudge-free. She even explained to me on the techniques in drawing the eyebrows. Best of all, the outcome of it was superb and I got so many compliments throughout the night. I have already recommend her to my family and friends. Like they say, you must share the best things in life.” Stephanie W, Singapore


“I LOVE the make up so much! You did it so effortlessly, it’s amazing! Yes, I looked different with the make up but most importantly, it’s natural and it just looks like a better version of myself. I would highly recommend Dolly to anyone in my family and friends. She is reliable, fast and efficient, and produce great result by going for what you ask for!” Grace Q, Kedah   photo

“Dolly is a wonderful makeup artist. She was calm and professional on what was a very busy day. I would recommend her for brides who want a thoughtful and talented makeup artist who is responsive to suggestions and knows how to make a bride look flawless!”Rita, Jakarta

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Thank you Dolly for making sure I look the best for my wedding! You can definitely count on Dolly to doll you up for your wedding day. I was super busy and didn’t have time to look at myself in the mirror but she works so well with brides and made sure that I look in the mirror and that I was happy with the look. LOVE her make up because it feels and looks natural and that she’s an amazing person that you can count on!

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