How To Achieve Fair Skin??

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Attention ladies and brides out there! I’ve always been asked on what do I use on my clients when they want a healthy natural fair glowing skin. Well here’s the answer to your question, I’ve been using this product called Babykiss Whitening Lotion and it just works really well on any skin type and tone. It’s basically just applying the product on your exposed skin and blend just like how you would apply your ordinary body lotion. The best part about this whitening lotion is it looks really really natural and it does not give you that annoying greasy or sticky feeling which nobody likes. You don’t even have to worry about being sweaty throughout the evening as it is water resistant (yes you can wash your hand & it won’t come off). It also doesn’t stain your clothes so don’t need to worry about the product going anywhere once it’s applied to your skin. How you remove it is just simple, wash your body with soap in your shower and that is it!

If you are a makeup artist or just simply interested in getting one, I have the link below to the website where I always purchase mine from. It comes in different tones & scents & some even has tiny sparkles in it that give you that whimsical twinkling feel! I truly highly recommend this product to all of you who are looking for the best & quickest fuss free way to achieve fair & lovely skin. One tube is selling at only Rm86 which is really inexpensive and can last u a good year or two. Hope this post answers your question & that you find this helpful. Have a great day 💗

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